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Group will educate public about hunting’s importance

Published on October 11, 2013 under Media Clips

October 11, 2013
Contributed by State Rep. Curtis Oda, State Sen. Allen Christensen

As most Utahns know, hunters and hunting are very important to us. With the start of each hunting season, gas stations, convenience stores, restaurants, motels and countless other retailers across the state welcome hunters to their businesses. The revenue that hunters produce is the lifeblood for many individuals, businesses and communities across Utah.

To highlight the mutually beneficial relationship hunting has with Utah’s economy; a statewide partnership called “Hunting Works For Utah” was created. This partnership of organizations represents traditional and nontraditional economic beneficiaries of our hunting heritage and includes supporters such as retailer associations, hospitality associations, tourism authorities, pro hunting and shooting organizations and state and local chambers of commerce.

As co‐chairs of Hunting Works For Utah, we enjoy opportunities to highlight the role hunting plays in Utah’s economy and in our wildlife management. Promoting the strong economic partnership between the hunting community and the local economy of Utah highlights the importance of hunting to our heritage and to our economy.

We encourage readers to learn more by asking local businesses about the positive effect of hunters on their business and the local economy and by visiting

Sen. Allen Christensen
Co‐chair, Hunting Works for Utah
Utah state senator, Dist. 19
North Ogden

Rep. Curt Oda
Co‐chair, Hunting works for Utah
Utah state representative, Dist. 14